This is my ultralight backpacking staple food. I eat it every night. It takes about a minute a meal to prepare at home, and only requires boiling a small amount of water on the trail. It is calorie dense at 450 calories per 100 grams (660 calories total), and costs right around $1.20 per meal.

  • 1 Package dry ramen noodles (380 calories)
  • 30 Grams (roughly 2 heaping tablespoons) Nido Powdered Whole Milk (160 calories)
  • 30 Grams (roughly 2 heaping tablespoons) Grated Parmesan (120 calories)
  • 1 Quart Freezer Bag

Prepare: I crush my noodles in the bag it comes in. Dump that and the sealed seasoning packet in to a 1 quart freezer bag (see my article on Freezer Bag Cooking). I keep the seasoning packet rather than writing the flavor on the outside of the freezer bag. Then add the Nido and parmesan to the bag. Seal the bag and freeze it if you’re not using it in the next week or so.

Cook: 2 cups of water is what the ramen calls for. I find this is too much. 12 oz is where most people like it. I use 10 oz. If you’re Freezer Bag Cooking, you wont need to bring the water to a full boil. I pull the water when the first signs of a boil start. I use filtered water for everything, so you may choose to boil longer depending on your water source. Add your water to your freezer bag, or add your ramen mix to your pot and mix well. In a few minutes test your noodles for desired tenderness. Enjoy!